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The public was treated to the first in a series of exhibitions by Sicilian suppliers and manufactures at the Virtu Ferries Terminal and Buisness Centre. Inventa Design, already well established suppliers of furniture in Malta, turned the terminal into a hive of activity, on the first weekend of April, giving Maltese families and prospective buyers the opportunity of comparing quality and prices on their very doorstep.

Over the coming weeks a vast range of products will be exhibited at the Business Centre which has been made available to Sicilian companies interested in the Malta market. Virtu have invited renowned Sicilian suppliers to make use of the Terminal free of charge, provided they offer prices and services second to none.

The ultimate beneficiary of this new initiative is the Maltese consumer. Whatever your requirements keep an eye on what is going on at the Buisness Centre, you are bound to find what you want at a price that suits you. Avail yourself of the advantages of the economies of scale that the Single Market brings with it, without leaving home. This is also an opportunity for the Maltese trade and commercial community to establish new partnership with Sicilian organisations.

This is being considered another first by Virtu Ferries.

The Single Market is truly on your doorstep.